Milk Crate Bookshelf

I recently completed a pretty easy project using some old milk crates I bought at a garage sale for four dollars each.


I didn’t take a proper before picture because I was too gung ho about getting started, but here they are after my initial spray of it. The blue splotches were my doing. The rest is the same as when I purchased them. I sprayed them down messily with two tones of blue spray paint left over from older projects, and two cans of white spray paint. Here is the result:


They didn’t seem very sturdy at first, so I twist-tied the shelves together and will likely screw them up against the wall once I find a permanent place for them.

Side note: I found this immensely stupid looking thing at a garage sale last week and had to buy it. Because what would a bookshelf be without a ceramic poodle wearing glasses from the 1950s?


Here’s a close up of the paint job on the back. You can see the original plastic color cracking through in the right corner. I painted over peeling paint from the last owner’s refinishing job to give it a bit more of a worn look when the paint inevitably came off.


Anyway, it was super easy project and pretty impossible to mess up. If you have extra spray cans lying around from old projects, this is definitely a project worth your while!


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