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Project Iowa: Witty Kitties

This is a little bit different than my usual posts, as this is not a local business you can purchase cute things from. BUT, it is an organization that is improving the lives of many cute things, and I feel that any Eastern Iowan who has the means to support Witty Kitties should know about them.

Snickers, at Witty Kitties since October 2013

Snickers, at Witty Kitties since October 2013

First, a little background on FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus):

Both are debilitating viruses that affect the immune systems of cats. Similar to HIV in humans, it can lead to chronic health problems and in some cases, result in premature death. Many people are unable or unwilling to adopt cats diagnosed with these viruses for that reason alone. But, beyond that, both can be infectious, and many cat lovers who would be willing to adopt FIV or FeLV positive cats are unable to because they do not want to put their healthy cats at risk.

For this reason, many animal shelters do not give these cats a chance to find a forever home, and a diagnosis of either is a death sentence.

Toast, with Witty Kitties since June 2013

Toast, with Witty Kitties since June 2013

That’s where Witty Kitties comes in. Now rounding out their 14th year of helping cats from all over Iowa and even Missouri, Witty Kitties is responsible for providing the medical care and facilities for special needs cats to live in comfort while they wait for their chance to find a forever home.

For information on how to donate or volunteer, check out the Witty Kitties site here.

For more adoptable kitties click here!


Project Iowa: Living Locally

Like most people, I’ve always considered myself relatively connected with my community. I occasionally am forced to go to Walmart, I attend classes with other locals, I go to local restaurants…

I have friends who are locals… but I guess I never really considered supporting local businesses and artists. So, I’ve decided to start a new section of the site devoted to local artisans, bakers, crafters, photographers, and the like. I think the real problem that local entrepreneurs face is building up support from their communities. It seems like while we are all on social media, we aren’t really connecting with our communities.

So, I decided to begin blogging the local artists and crafters that I believe warrant more attention.

You can find my growing list of artists I choose to spotlight here, or you can just click on the image link that reads “Project Iowa” on the sidebar! Thanks for being cool!